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Someone was calling to her in her sleep. She was in a valley with a lake. Everything was covered by a silvery mist, the only thing that she could make out were a few silhouettes in the distance. She felt like they were vanishing. She felt an urge to follow them before they completely disappeared. A hand appeared right in front of her halting her. It was covered in metal but it wasn’t a gauntlet, it was some sort of scales that covered it. She felt a string being pulled inside her heart  Who was it? The name was at the tip of her tongue yet she couldn’t recall whose the hand was. She lunged forward with the urge to embrace the hand’s owner. She passed through it. Pain rose up in her chest like it was burning. They weren’t really there. Waves of sadness washed over her like cold autumn rain.

“Its not yet time for you to follow my love.” The voice sounded strange, like it was echoing throughout a cave. It sounded familiar, it brought out feelings of love and longing. She found herself yearning for its sound. It was filled with warmth and love, but there was also a small hint of sadness. “You still have a job to do. Remember our promise.”


The only thing she knew was that she wanted to find the person speaking. She looked around. The other silhouettes had vanished. The lone figure stood there kneeling in front of her with a stretched out hand. She tried taking the hand but only passed through it again. Her eyes were wet. “I don’t remember anything!” she sighed “I don’t know who I am, I don’t know who you or those other people were! I don’t remember making a promise! I don’t even know if I am alive!” she unintentionally kept raising her voice as her desperation reached its boiling point “I know one simple truth” the words escaped her mouth before she had the time to think on what she wanted to say. “I want you!” She slowly rose up and headed towards the shadow. As she got closer she opened her arms “My gut tells me you feel the same way and I believe that this is a dream, so before all of this vanishes, before I remember the promise, before you fade away, please let me embrace you!” the other person was trembling as they rose up. As they embraced each other the mist began to clear and was replaced with a stream of light. She didn’t care that she couldn’t see them. The only thing on her mind was that they were in each other’s arms. She could smell them, the sweet scent of lilac was nostalgic. “You know you were always the one who had to push me and now when it is my turn, I find myself reluctant to let go. Was it always like this for you?” the voice sounded bittersweet. She took in the sweet smell once again and whispered in their ear “I don’t know what you are talking about but I feel like I understand your pain. Let us find each other again when we leave this place!” the sadness was gone. It was replaced with hope and faith. “Of course my love, its your turn to find me. Even if my body turns to ash, I will be waiting for you!” They gently grabbed her head and leaned forward. She closed her eyes


She could feel something on her lips. She tried kissing back but the dream was already over. As she woke up a whisper escaped her mouth “I swear to you that I will find you” as she pushed her fingers where they had kissed her




Its too late

We are beyond salvation

So many different ways this could’ve ended and we never entertained the idea of us killing ourselves very seriously

We survived so many things that could’ve easily ended our existence yet, in the end, it was our own arrogance and desires that drove us to our end

It is a plague that we unleashed on our world

A plague some two thousand years in the making

An integral part of our lives and dreams

We spent our entire existence developing it only to get ourselves killed by it

We wholeheartedly embraced it in our daily lives

Letting ourselves become dependant on it to the point where our society couldn’t do anything once it went out of control

Of course, there were those who advised us against it on such large scale, though even they probably didn’t expect such a catastrophe

Back in our earlier days it used to be called magic, then it became alchemy, arcane energy manipulation and after that, it became an integral part of our technological advancement

We took something we didn’t fully understand and began altering it to suit our needs

It was arrogance driven by the desire to ease our lives

And its the reason almost all of us are dead now

The few that managed to survive are either close to dying or on their way to death

Even artificial limbs can’t fix the disintegration of our own flesh

Even if we cut all the burning flesh – it starts all over again

Some speculate it was the, now dead, Ashen who first corrupted the energy and started the process

And who can blame them

We conquered them, enslaved them and started erasing them by assimilation

The fact that the last generation of children couldn’t even differentiate between a pure human and a human with ashen blood in their veins speaks volumes in its own right


In a time long since past


In a time long since past

That is yet to come

On a world long since forgotten in time

That is yet to be found

Where hope is all but a lingering flame


Where immortals walk the material plane

Made by the mortal’s beliefs

Parading as gods

Draining away our blood and hope

Filling the void they leave with false faith

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Life, death and what is in between


If we are going to have a conversation on how life and death work in this realm, we can’t go without mentioning the Shades.

As you know this part of the Abyss suffered a cataclysm early on in its cycle. The Creators disappeared (as far as we are aware) and only their descendants, a race of mechanical life were left – the ones we call Shades now.

As the worlds shattered they formed a protective barrier in the region surrounding the world shards. The oldest of them gave up their consciousness and entered a state of trance from which they wouldn’t be able to wake up. That state allowed them to be at the foundations of reality. Of course, it had its limits – one mind could only control one primordial force, and they could only limit their influence to a region of the abyss. So one would take over the air and spread it around the Shards even though normally there is no breathable air in the Abyss, one would take over the water end prevent it from going to waste when falling in the Abyss, one would take control of the winds and so on. You get the picture.

Yet most of the Shades were left to guard life but were forbidden from interfering with their affairs. They chose Shards at the rim, near the barrier so they would be able to control the flow of the souls in and out of the region because death is one of the means through which traveling between worlds is achieved.


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The origin of life


They say that if you stare long enough into the dark abyss it will stare back. They don’t know how true that is or rather they can’t know. It is the darkness that gave birth to the light and in turn life. People keep believing in false gods. They put their own faces on the natural forces of the worlds because all races have the need to understand what is surrounding them. They say ignorance is bliss but in this case its a curse. The cumulative faith in these nonexisting entities gave birth to them, for it is the will of the living that is the strongest force in this realm but the other races are too self-centered to see the whole picture. And now the godlike race of the aspects is standing tall above all others. Born from the races that they themselves look down upon.

Darkness and decay


Plague, despair, and corruption are covering the world like a mist that never goes away.
As the sun refuses to show and the gods feed on the festering depression of the living
There isn’t much we could do but hope for a better tomorrow
Even though our hopes and prayers are baseless
A better tomorrow when the sun will shine brightly
A day when we could live in peace and happiness
When we could touch the land and anything living without the fear of killing it
When the world shards would be whole again
When the earth will again give birth to life
The rivers will run blue
The air that we breathe doesn’t ravage our lungs
The grass and the trees will be tall and green swaying with the wind
The forests will grow thick with trees and life would return to them

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The Creation of Life


At the beginning, there were The Creators or Spirits as some call them. They were beings of energy, of higher existence. Creatures of duality and cycles. They were what we call gods – able to will anything into the physical realm, who sought to create something where there was nothing but The Abyss and the wraiths inhabiting it. Their leaders were Ar and Dy. They were the first to visit this plane of existence. Their love for each other is a legend but their beliefs were as different as The Abyss is during day and night. When it came to life they could not see eye to eye. Ar believed that they should create something that would last forever, that the ceasing of its existence would only bring negative energy while their lives would generate both positivity and negativity thus achieving balance. Dy, on the other hand, believed that creating something permanent would only disrupt the balance they already had, that sentients with permanent existence are an abomination and would try to enforce their control over this reality. So a deal was struck between them: The sentients would be in a perpetual cycle of life and death. Their permanence would come in their ability to build on top of themselves by passing traits and memories from one generation to the next – always adapting. The duality in this cycle became the law in this plane and everything has followed it since.


Pain is an illusion


As my hand strikes another opponent it feels no pain
As my foot crashes into a wall it does not give
I fall into a trance
Swaying between my opponent’s strikes
Like a piece of paper in the night’s breeze
As the thought of movement emerges from the depths of my mind
The strings are pulled
And the puppet dances to the whimsies of my magic

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The crimson path


As the wind passed through the cold, wet battlefields it carried the stench of the dead to us. I almost threw up and my sisters did. I tried to comfort them, I hugged Alma and kissed Essa on the forehead.


-It will all work out in the end – I told them – We’ve been through a lot in the past week but it will get better. I promise!

-How can you be so sure? – It was Alma, she was younger by 2 winters than me but older than Essa. She had a terrified expression on her face. She was at the breaking point. – Our mum,  Ast, Saya, Vessa were burned in the house and dad was taken to the capital by the Elder. We survived by chance. We are too young if someone finds us we are going to burn as well. Nothing is going to be fine! Look where we are, you expect us to rob the dead to survive! Are you out of your mind!


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